Buddhism Attractions a Self transformation Voyage of Soul

India since ages have been the focal point of birth as well as evolution of many religions. The prominent religions that have found their voice in India are Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism. Buddhism with its rational principles has accumulated many million followers around the world and is the most followed religion across the world. The religion is the essence of true Dharma and sets guidelines to enjoy an eternal life of peace.
Buddhism was created by Lord Buddha realizing the world as it is. Buddhism unearths the core meaning of existence of life and its all aspects in a real sense for discovering self spiritually. Lord Buddha’s intricate mind designed the principles of Buddhism after attaining supreme enlightenment and embarks on a journey of rigorous meditation to seek the answers of creations on earth. The teachings of Buddhism are must to understand the reason of living and is logical to its highest sense to convince every rational mind.
Buddhist tours are doubtlessly a voyage of attractions for self transformation of soul. The major attractions of the spiritual tours are Sarnath, Bodh Gaya, Lumbini, Vaishali, Kushinagar, Nalanda etc. The millions of religious enthusiast are drawn towards the sacred shrines of Buddhism every year with a mission to seek the blessings of divinity and self realization.
Sarnath – The shrine is considered as the Mecca of Buddhist followers and is visited by many hundred thousand every year. The pious land of Sarnath is the exact focal point where Buddha delivered his first sermon at the Deer park after he attained enlightenment. The major tourist attractions of Sarnath are Chaukhandi Stupa, Dhamek Stupa, Sarnath Museum, and Lion Capital etc.
Bodh Gaya – The place is considered as the most important sight of Buddhism as it was the place where Buddha attained enlightenment under the sanctified Bodhi Tree. The major attractions of Bodh Gaya are Mahabodhi Temple, Mahabodhi Tree, Ancient Railing, and Lotus Tank, etc.
Lumbini – The consecrated land of Lumbini is the birth place of Lord Buddha and is situated near India – Nepal border. The sacred shrines around the world heritage site Lumbini are Maya Devi Temple, Ashokan Pillar, Buddha Temple and the Lumbini Museum.
Kushinagar – This is the most sacred land where Lord Buddha last mortal remains can be witnessed and people from across the cosmos comes to visit and seek lord’s blessings. The major attractions are Mahaparinirvana Temple, Ramabhar Stupa, Meditation Park, and Wai Thai Temple.
To witness the spiritual sojourn of Buddhism embark on Buddhist tours packages and it’s a must for religious fanatics to discover the joy of living.

Helicopter Crashes, Why, What Happened?

During the low level “site flypast” number one collided with a telephone wire, him crashing and burning about a kilometre further after having lost the battle for control of the damaged aircraft.

They took off in a Helicopter. Desperate to get back to Gauteng and other commitments. He entered into IMC, and fortunately escaped unharmed after a few 360 degree IMC turns, only observed afterwards on the GPS tracks, realising that the AH and DI did not work as advertised.

He took off to reposition the aircraft to another area not far from the departure aerodrome. On the way there, he experienced a total engine failure. He survived the crash.

A Helicopter collided with power lines. The company SOP’s clearly state that the pilot must refrain from flying at an altitude that may put the training helicopter and its occupants at risk.

What do all these crashes have in common? Surely these pilots did not plan to crash on the way to their destination.

Why this and why that? Why did he not do this? Why did he fly so low that he collided with wires? How come she did that? And in the back of our minds, not daring to say it out loud, “I Will never do that!!!” I am not so stupid to do that!!! He/she was such a good pilot!!! Are always the words proclaimed by family and a friend after such fellow aviator was killed in an aircraft crash.

Why do pilots do things they shouldn’t do? I am not a shrink, therefore I am not ‘eau fait’ with the workings of the brain regarding ad-hoc decision making.

What I do know is that in the airline environment, you cannot summarily do something that you should not do. There are various reasons for that, firstly, you normally have another pilot watching over you and eyeing your command seat should you stuff it up. Secondly, there will hopefully be passengers on board that will tell, if they survive your antics, what you did and how they almost got killed. Thirdly, you normally have cabin crew in the back that is very observant should you stuff it up.

Then you have the CVR and the FDR and nowadays you have sophisticated equipment watching over your every move and recording the entire flight. For example, should you deviate on final approach by not being in the slot at 500′, it will notify the Chief Helicopter Training Captain and you will be on the red carpet explaining why you should not be fired for non-compliance of the company’s SOP’s. These are a few reasons why the airline environment is a much safer environment that the General Aviation environment.

These rules in the airline environment should point us in the right general direction as to what we, as General Aviation Pilots can do to up our game and not be one of the many statistics at each New Years statistics briefing by the SACAA

Your Best Bet for Your Next Business Trip

You and a colleague need to spend a week working with clients in a city away from home. You need to find a corporate apartment rental because you don’t want to be stuck in a hotel room for a whole week in close quarters with no privacy and no room to stretch out. Have no fear; there are plenty of options available with just a few clicks of your mouse.

Enter the city you want and you will find a number of websites which will match you up with exactly the place you are looking for, at the price you want to pay, and with all the services you require for both business and pleasure during your stay.

Book your apartment online, show up at the door and move in – it’s that easy. Your kitchen is fully outfitted, your bed is comfy, your desk has a printer and you have wireless Internet so you can work inside or out on the patio.

Your housekeeper takes care of all the cleaning, you can do laundry anytime and you can relax in comfort and style when your work day is done. Your landlord/property manager/whatever you want to call it is available to fix anything that needs fixing if there is a problem.

You can ask your host for help in finding the best places to dine out or see a show or a sporting event, because in most cases they are local residents who know all about what is available nearby. Some of them may even offer concierge services to book all your entertainment and arrange for your errands such as dry cleaning and grocery shopping. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

Sharing this kind of accommodation with your colleagues on a business trip is usually far more economical than staying in a hotel, and offers the luxury of space and privacy that is really priceless if you think about it. You are not restricted to the hours that the hotel kitchen is open for meals and late-night snacks, you don’t have to pay ridiculous prices for room service food and beverages, and you don’t have to deal with noisy neighbours at all hours. You can cook your own meals if you wish, and you can invite guests for dinner or drinks – try doing that in a hotel room!

Corporate apartment rental is definitely something to consider for your next business trip. You may just find your next permanent home away from home.

Revolutionised Cities

As with the world, there are some places that are not geared to tourists, or that you may not want to go and visit. And some cities know that they don’t appeal to the masses, so feel it necessary to clean their townships up and make something of them.

Merida in Mexico is one of these. It is the capital of the Yucatan state, and was in vast decline ten years ago, because other places could offer the inhabitants more options with their lives and jobs. The government decided to get around this by doing something unusual, and throwing a party every night. There is free music in the evenings, and an all day extravaganza on a Sunday, and people now inhabit the homes and shops again.

Copenhagen in Denmark used to be famous for Hans Christian Anderson’s little Mermaid and not much else, but over recent years they have made it a cosmopolitan and up and coming city. They have one of the most revolutionary bike infrastructures in the world, and is famous for the new Nordic cuisine that is making an impact on the foodie world.

Bogota, Columbia was once one of the most dangerous cities in Latin America, with gangs on the streets and kidnappings a daily occurrence. The economy is now booming, and its bus network and car free Sundays make it a great model for other cities across the world.

Tirana in Albania owes its new found status to the mayor who had a vision and transformed what was an arid and concreter landscape into something beautiful.

Bangkok, Thailand is fast becoming more of a hub in Asia and is often the first place that tourists stop. The sky train, which opened a decade ago has opened the city up for more tourism, and they lend bikes out to tourists to offer another way for them to see the city for free.

If you are looking to travel to any of these up and coming cities then think about your Travel Insurance policy and what it covers you for. Make sure that you are fully covered just in case.